Letting go of the ‘Serious Adult Ego’

Last article, I suggested that everyone is still a child – at least deep within – and that it’s impossible to rid ourselves of this natural state of being, no matter what we might do or how we might behave.

If it’s impossible not to be a child – what do we have to do to stop the stifling and destructive ‘adult’ that blocks us expressing who we really are? Many people asked this question in their emails to me – so here’s my suggestion…

Many of us have just celebrated Easter.
Easter has always been the holiest time of the year for Christians because it reminds them of the death and rebirth of Jesus. All of us can surely appreciate the wondrously freeing process of dying to our old perspectives, beliefs and egoic behaviours and allowing the Divine Spirit to rise up from deep within us, embrace us and become us, thus renewing our sense of infinite safety, eternal certainty and overwhelming sureness in the I AM we find ourselves to be. (Just like Jesus did).

In other words to die as the reactive, minimally-conscious animal we’ve been; and to rise anew as the Real Human we were always meant to become.
The very word ‘Human’ (hu-man) reminds us of who we really are.
In ancient Egypt, ‘Hu’ represented the Divinity. It also represented Eternity. In Sufism, it was a name for God. For the north American Indians the word meant ‘Spirit’. To the ancient Jews the term was orthodox Hebrew for “IT IS” (note the similarity to their term for God’s name (I AM). And to those who follow today’s Eckankar, it is the name for (and a love song to) God.

To be ‘Hu-Man’ is to be a ‘God-Man’, no longer constrained to unthinking ways of believing and behaving but released from our fetters of ignorance so that we can take our place in the pantheon of Conscious Beings as ‘God-As-Man’.
This is what Jesus achieved: he KNEW who he was.
He didn’t guess, hope, cross his fingers, try it, give it a go….he KNEW who he was.
He KNEW that even if his body died, he would live on.
He KNEW that no matter what happened he WAS and would always BE.
He could lose anything – even his life – without losing anything that was actually ‘real’ at all.

He was surely one of the first – if not the very first – conscious HU-MAN to walk the planet.
That is why his statements are so certain and definitive: he wasn’t making it up, keeping his statements politically correct, veering on the side of the orthodox or the establishment. He just told it the way it was. And it mesmerized people because they felt the truth of what he said, deep inside themselves.

Even if they didn’t have the courage or ability to live the freeing truths that shone from him, they KNEW he’d hit the nail on the head, he’d found the font of wisdom, he’d uncovered (within himself) the keys of Consciousness and unlocked the door that led to the Kingdom of True Living.

This never made him a Christian (in fact, I am certain he would hold grave reservations about Christian churches of today): instead, it made him a Hu-Man – and a universal guide whose Hu-Manity we could easily follow.
Let’s face facts: as a ‘God-Man’ what can possibly be an insurmountable problem?
What can hold us back from being our Self?
What could be an issue too high to jump or walk around?
What can really screw up our eternal life?
What could destroy our love, our peace, our compassion (unless we unthinkingly chose to let it)?
What can kill us, really mash us into irretrievable mush?
What can stop us being the Light we are?
What can hold us back from expressing the Love we are?
What (or who) can truly spoil this day, any day?
No-thing. Nothing. No-one. Zilch.

Aren’t you glad you’re already a Hu-Man?!
Doesn’t it feel great?!
Even if we sometimes forget, we can always stop and remember!! How good is that?!
And the more we remember the more we’ll remember to remember…..now that’s just plain excellent!

So welcome, fellow Hu-Mans, to Hu-Manity!
A part of us will continue to delight in our animal nature – that’s just part of the beauty of how we’re made!!
But that other, ‘higher’ part can now delight in conscious rememberance of who we really are: God-Men (and women, of course!!).
With so much delight, we won’t have time for that silly egoic sham-seriousness – we’ll be too busy reminding ourselves that it’s OKAY to be the child of God I AM!

Blessings and hugs,

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