Let’s Do It…..ASAP!

Often in life, we find we have more to do than time to do it.

That’s when we need to asap!!

Sometimes, our troubles seem to overwhelm us.

At such times it’s important to asap!!

When we (or our friends or family) are sick or hurting it’s definitely time to asap!!

And when we feel lost, lonely, down and broken we should naturally asap…..


If we seek positive change in the world, remember to asap!

If we want to make a difference to society, the answer is to asap!!

If we wish to more deeply connect to Spirit….always asap!

Whatever the issue, the problem, the situation….asap!!


A.S.A.P…..Always Say A Prayer!

Not the childish prayer that asks for toys and trinkets – but Real Prayer which simply gives thanks for the thousands of wondrous experiences we have – from the early morning song of a bird to the glorious hues of a golden sunset…….from the smile of a child to the warmth of another’s touch……from the gentle breeze to our own soft breath …….from a baby’s first cry to the laughter of friends…..


The more we give thanks, the more we Always Say A Prayer, the more we will appreciate our world, our life, our friends, our opportunities, our very existence and the endless gifts with which we are endowed.

But don’t waste time…..do it asap!

Always Say A Prayer!


Much love,


Heartland Retreat/Community Of The Heart



Police have arrested 2 people. One was caught drinking battery fluid and another was caught eating fireworks. Police have charged the first one and let the second one off…..

20 real laughs a day keep depression away!!