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Les Dyer’s Parables for Awakening…..

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The world is rapidly changing in radical and extraordinary ways.

And if we are to avoid chaos then we need to make sense of it, to find a firm foundation from which we can positively and beneficially move forward.

That foundation needs to be spiritual.

If it isn’t we are going to wake up one day and realise we have turned into a productive consumer unit, an economic resource to be mined, manipulated and programmed for optimum fiscal return.

But if – before that happens – we can return to the deeper truths of ourexistence, to the very foundations of our infinite Being……from that space we will be able to harness the extraordinary benefits of the radical changes we are all now undergoing for the positive betterment of humanity and ourselves.

To help, I offer you a series of Parables which I have written over the last 30 years. Some appear in my books, others just in my workshops.

Each of them tells a simple story on the outside.

But each also shares a much deeper meaning if you care to go within.

I will share one parable each week……and also propose the path within….. which I suggest you follow.

I will guide you; but leave you to find your own personal answers.

You may read them…..or watch them as short videos.

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Les Dyer
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There was once a man who, strange to tell, called himself Mr Lucky.

And this , for many, was very strange because he seemed to be very unlucky.

He had a beautiful wife but she left him for a richer man.

He had a lovely house but it burnt down in a storm.

He had a faithful dog but it died of snake bite.

He had a signed Picasso original but it was stolen by a thief.

He was an excellent archer but he lost sight in one eye.

He was run over by a bus and lost the use of his legs.

His insurance company found a glitch in his policy and refused compensation.

He had a good business but his debtors went bad and he had to foreclose himself.

Then he put his remaining wealth in a bank – and it went broke and closed.

And still he called himself Mr Lucky.

When asked what it would take for him not to be lucky he pondered a while and admitted that he had no answer.

He said that his many Masters ensured he was always lucky.

“Who are these Masters?” they asked him.

“My wife who taught me that sometimes trust is only skin deep…. the storm that showed me that we permanently own nothing….. my dog that reminded me that no-one lives forever…… a thief that confirmed to me that nothing remains ours…. the loss of my sight that encouraged me to appreciate all that I still have…… the bus driver who keenly brought to my attention that I am not my body….. the insurance company that enlightened me that nothing is what it seems…… my debtors who helped me recognise  I cannot trust those whose Master is Selfishness ….and the bank” he replied.

“What did the bank teach you?” they asked.

“Not to rely on money as my saviour” he replied.

And then he smiled.

“All of them were Masters of this or that and taught me accordingly.

But the greatest Master of all I found within” he declared.

“What did he teach?” they asked.

“That I am. And always have been, always will be.

Nothing more, nothing less” smiled Mr Lucky.

So…..who have been the Masters in your life?

What did they teach you?

Did you learn the lessons they gave you?

Are you the better for it?

Can you, in spite of the tragedies, pitfalls and upsets of your life, can you be a Mr or Mrs Lucky?

Is it possible?