Les Dyer’s Conversations With Spirit: Covid

Currently the world finds itself in the middle of a pandemic.
People everywhere are getting sick and some are dying.
Conflicting views regarding how to manage the virus have led to governments clamping down on dissent, censoring alternate views and insisting on vaccination. Tens of thousands of doctors follow one medical view; thousands of others, including many medical researchers, vigorously promote totally different views.
This has split society into two or three very different camps……


So….you want to know if vaccination is the right or wrong way to deal with your pandemic?

That would help a great deal……

Actually, that knowledge wouldn’t help you at all.

How could that be?

Because your society has already split into different belief systems; and none will acknowledge any alternate legitimacy.

So what is the answer?

The answer is simple: to follow your chosen belief system in peace, love and non violence.

Just like Mahatma Ghandi taught?

Precisely as Mahatma taught. Indeed, is this not the way you should approach every alternate belief system, regardless of it being religious, economic, social or medical……?

We had forgotten…..

You have such short memories! Some of you believe that loud and violent marches will win the day.

Violence simply breeds violence.

You should protest in peace, love and silence.

Like Mahatma…..

Others believe that succumbing to instructions they find objectionable will gain them a safer place in their society.

Like Europe only a few years ago……

Like many peoples throughout your histories…..

The safety of slavery comes in many forms. You should retain your ethics and come from peace, love and silence.

When government tells us to shun and exclude certain people?

Your actions should come from peace, love and silence.

Make no demands on others; only on yourself.

And those demands should be that you only come from peace, love and silence.

That takes bravery……

Indeed it does. You risk your life. Yet is your life not risked in every day in countless ways? Indeed, it is!

And have you not yet understood that you are endless life……and peace…..and love……and silence?

Does this silence mean we keep our thoughts and our beliefs to ourself?

That is not silence. Silence is never suppression or the muzzle of the gag but rather the antidote to anger, the retort to rage, the reply to rejection  and the answer to the demands for subjection.

So should we speak and share our truths?

Everyone should speak and share their truths – but each should also do so only with and only from love.

For love takes no sides; and asks for no conversion.

It seeks only for peace, harmony and wholeness.

That is ultimately the penultimate Truth.

I feel ashamed…..

There is no place for shame……there is only space for peace, love, harmony and wholeness.

Go be the Truth you are.

Go be the peace and love and Silence……


To be continued next week……