Welcome to the FIRST Issue of Volume 4
In this new volume I’d like to explore the positive aspects of authentic spiritual life and offer more practical steps for achieving it.

The first step – the biggest step – on the road to enlightenment is to know you’re on your way.

This requires that you recognise metaphysically where you’re at right now.

You might say “Here I am, moving forward……However, right now I’m also impatient, intolerant, angry, lazy, doubting, etc….”

Such self-speak is perfectly fine; it’s absolutely okay!

This first step requires only that we acknowledge where we are.

We don’t need to beat ourselves up for it. We shouldn’t bemoan the fact that we still have envy or pride or selfishness or jealousy or anything else holding us back.

And we should never compare ourselves with the achievements of others!

We simply accept where we are right now.

Until we can recognise and accept where we are right now we won’t be seriously going anywhere more fulfilling.

But the moment we acknowledge where we are we’ve made a huge leap forward!

Suddenly the opportunity to change becomes possible – but only because we know what we have to change!

Knowing what to change is the keystone to achieving change!

For the next 10 days feel absolutely ok about “where you are” – knowing that change is on its way – simply because we’ve recognised and fully accepted our current state of being.

Know yourself now – know it fully – and a brighter, more fulfilled future is an assured certainty!

I send you boundless love!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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