I wish each of you a joyful Christ Mass!

The Catholic christian church has celebrated the ritual known as Mass countless times to commemorate the private lives of tens of thousands of individuals over the last 2,000 years.

It is fitting that Jesus should be included in their number through the ritual originally called Christ’s Mass, started some 400 years after his lifetime to celebrate his existence, loosely based on a guess as to his approximate birth date.

Today, most people celebrate the holy-day (holiday) set aside for this Mass by sharing with family or friends, sharing gifts, sharing time away from work, maybe sharing with those less fortunate in some way – and, most importantly for orthodox Christians, sharing the very bedrock of their faith as a rich and abiding community – the extraordinary and unique manifestation of God actually come to earth as the person we know as Jesus.

Each of us can surely celebrate this joyful event – for there could be no wise being who would deny the divinity of this beautiful teacher of Truth.

Jesus spoke plainly when he declared “I and My Father are One”.

Of course, nowhere in his ministry did he denigrate humanity or reduce us to a gaggle of worthless sinners. Indeed he also declared that “He that believes me, the works that I do he shall do also – and greater works than these shall he do”.

But what did we have to believe?

Not that Jesus was IT, alone, exclusively, uniquely, one-of-a-kind…….but that the Divine lives in us as us. As the Real us. The us without masks and ‘poor me’ sub-personalities and dysfunctional psychoses.  The us which is our realness.

That’s because we’re ALL divine.

We’re ALL part of the Creator-energy.

As he also declared (all quotes directly from the gospel of JOHN): “Is it not written in your Law, I said you are gods? If he called them gods (to whom the word of God came) – and the scriptures cannot be broken – why say you that I blasphemed because I said I am the son of God?”.

Enjoy Christ’s Mass!

Celebrate this awesome Teacher of Truth!

But please celebrate your own inner Goodness and Divine Godness at the same time – I am certain Jesus will be delighted to see that his efforts have finally, struck gold!

Christmas Blessings and



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