Jasbir from Rasulpur

In December I wrote about Shanti Deva and her vivid and accurate memory of a previous incarnation.

Like many such cases, the new life repeated both gender and nationality as if the person was trying to continue a previous life……


One of the most extraordinary recorded cases is of Jasbir from Rasulpur in Uttar Pradesh in northern India.

A happy, active boy, at age three+ he came down with smallpox and died.

After 24 hours the town gathered to bury him when he suddenly showed some small signs of life.

After a few weeks he was able to speak fluently and move again easily – but his behaviour had changed most dramatically.


He now claimed to be a high-caste Brahmin who was named Sobha Ram, the son of Shankar of Vehedi.

He refused to eat with his family as he claimed they were a lower caste.

To keep him alive they had to employ a local Brahmin lady to cook for him.


Jasbir told the family many details of his previous life and how he had been poisoned during his wedding, thereby falling off his carriage and dying of head injuries.

Most considered the child delusional.

But then one day he met a visitor to Rasulpur and immediately recognised her as an aunt from his previous life.

She returned to Vehedi and told Sri Shankar of their extraordinary meeting.


Members of the Shankar Brahmin family then anonymously visited Jasbir and all were easily named and recognised.

They readily agreed with Jasbir’s recollection of the life and death of Sobha Ram.

Taking him “home” to Vehedi, as in many other cases, he was able to point out events from his past life, his previous relatives and his old haunts.


Most amazingly, Jasbir told a US investigator (Professor Stevenson) that after he had died (as Sobha Ram, the Brahmin) he met (in Spirit) a “holy man” who told him to quickly take over Jasbir’s body as he had just died…….so he did so!!!

The “Holy Man” also told him things that were to come……and they did.


Next week I will share with you an even more interesting case!!!

Until then remember that Spirit is your permanent Self and the Spiritual World your permanent home!!!!