In fact, it’s impossible not to be a child!
Everyone is.
And it’s totally OKAY.

I certainly am…….and, indeed, it is the child I am which is the source and richness of my joyfulness, exuberance, wonder. creativity, whimsy, awe, wisdom and curiosity.
It’s the same for you, isn’t it?

Actually, I’ve never met a real adult yet.
Oh, I’ve met a great many people pretending, trying, doing their best to act like an adult (whatever that might be)…….but then something happens they didn’t expect and wham!…… they’re back to being a child again.

Now I’m not saying we should be childish – that would be ridiculous.
But I am saying we will get a lot further toward self-realisation and reality if we embrace our childlike natures.
Jesus put it succinctly when he said that unless we become as little children we will never enter the Kingdom of God.
In other words, relax Max, stop trying to be what you’re not – and enjoy what you are…..then voila!….the spiritual realms of Real Life will open wide to accept us, embrace us and support us.

I believe most of our problems arise out of trying to be what we’re not; and ignoring what we are.
All of us together thus create a society where we’re all seeking the unrealistic and unattainable; and ignore the loving joyousness which could be ours for the taking.
This leads to epidemics of unhappiness, depression and anxiety as well as a sense that we’re never good enough, never have enough, never reach high enough, never go far enough, never succeed enough – and never fulfill our potential enough.

Trying to be adult sucks.
That’s because it isn’t real.
We’re all kids.
Some of us are in bigger bodies than others. Some of us think we’re more advanced in some ways than others. Some of us think we’ve got to stop playing and having fun with one another …….and start getting serious (have you noticed how most of the chaos and problems of society throughout history have been started and fuelled by serious people?!).

Serious (adult) people cause serious problems.
Happy (childlike) people create happy environments.
This week has been personally very traumatic for me – and yet I know the answer isn’t to get more serious, more adult – but to let the spirit within, the childlike play of the Divine, embrace me in its graciousness and ‘okayness’.
I know it’s OKAY to be the child of God I AM.
And to let that child heal me.

Just as I wrote in my last article, when you go inside and find the Divine Child …….what does it want to do, express, experience, enjoy through you?
Go do it.
Go be the Child you are…..and in doing so you’ll be your True Self!

Blessings and hugs to you,


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