Last article I spoke about the Big Bang theory and how like every particle, atom, molecule, cell and living organism we deeply desire to embrace our own sense of Oneness once again because we’re a part of the Divine and can never be apart from it.

This week let’s face what for many on planet Earth is a most disturbing and uncomfortable  ‘home truth’…….

If we’re all part of the One Divine we’re all part of one another.

There’s no ‘them’ – only ‘us’.

Every particle, atom, molecule, cell and living organism ultimately functions the same way… expands outwardly by gathering like forms to itself; and it focuses inwardly by creating new “higher” functioning life-forms whilst retaining the purity of its inherent energy, the Divine.

For humans, that’s why we cling to one another, join with other ‘like-minded’ people, create communities of commonality, socialise, marry, work together, worship or meditate together, plan together, build together, create with and for one another and generally live more healthily if we are in the pleasant company of others (one of our greatest punishments is solitary confinement).

And that’s because we are all ONE.

That’s why friendships are critical to our wellbeing and mental health – we need lots of Godlight and God-laughter and God-fellowship around and within us.

I remind you I’m not talking religiously.

God isn’t the rules or dogma or clergy or demands of any religion.

God is your heart.

God is your breath.

God is every living cell of every living life-form.

In the beginning there was just one Big Bang, one Divine reaching outward……

All the energy in the Universe is part of that Outreach.

Every part of you and me is part of that Outreach.

It must be.

There’s nothing else.

So every neighbour, friend, lover, child, employer, employee, official, stranger, leader, teacher, enemy….is part of that Outreach.

When we coalesce co-operatively, kindly, considerately together we express our God-light.

And we feel it.

When we express our ‘love’ or ‘care’ or ‘kindness’ or ‘empathy’ in any way we express our God-light.

And we feel it.

But when we express our greed, our violence, our animosity, our selfishness we deny our God-light.

And we feel that, too.

Negativity negates growth.

Positivity promotes growth.

We each choose what we will express every moment of every day.

In that way, we choose what kind of world we will experience……

The answer therefore is to recognise every other person – regardless of race, religion, political persuasion, social standing, age or gender – as part of ‘us’.

Every wild and domesticated animal as part of ‘us’.

Every plant and flower as part of ‘us’.

Every country and every natural wonder as part of ‘us’.

Every interaction every moment as part of ‘us’.

See ‘out there’ as ‘them’ and we are a self-delusional living hell.

See ‘out there’ as ‘us’ and we are safe in the truly loving heart of God.

Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!


Peace be within you.