Several people have asked me to address these issues…so here goes!

Clearly, having faith and trust in human beings is risky. They turn.

They change. Circumstances cause alterations and modifications.

Every kind of relationship is subject to adjustment, like it or not.

So faith and trust in human beings and their institutions is always subject to conditions…..

What about science and medicine? This is clearly shaky ground, too.

Every principle or belief espoused throughout history has later been found to be flawed, false or fanciful. This ranges from magnetism to atoms, gene expression to neuron depletion, evolution to blood transfusion, the galaxies to life on Mars.  So we can only really agree to faith and trust in these disciplines as best we understand today…..

So what about faith and trust in the religious and spiritual?

Sadly, this is just as fraught with inconsistencies as anything else.

The history of every religion – Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu – is littered with murders, tortures and atrocities by its adherents.

The best we can say is that any faith and trust is subject to careful choice and wary adherence.

Is there anything we can have total faith and absolute trust in?


The Divine.

Faith means truly believing in a power greater than ourselves.

When you consider the extraordinary complexity and beauty and symmetry and intelligent design of the entire universe of plants

and animals and peoples and planetary systems and thoughts and feelings and yearnings and inventive dreams how could you not believe in a power greater than a human being!?

Trust means living life as meaningfully and as honestly as we can in such circumstances.

It means realising that the universe always has our best interests at heart, regardless of what happens.

You didn’t consciously design your own body and features……

You didn’t consciously plan where you’d be born or what kind of family you’d be part of….

You didn’t pre-conceive where you would work, who you would marry, where (or how) you would live……

Indeed. you planned in detail none of the major events of your life: they just happened to you whilst you were busy keeping up with the day to day…….

Trust is the acknowledgement that you are not in charge of your life – but that a greater power is.

Car accidents, illnesses, lotto wins, bankruptcies, wars, recessions, job losses, job gains, friendships, children…….a thousand events over which you have very little input constantly fill your life.

Recognise that you aren’t the author of your own story but rather the ‘main character’ in it….and then you’ll also recognize that the author (the Divine) has always be in charge of the story-line.

So you can relax.

You can trust the author.

As you start to truly trust, you find miracles happen… thing leads to another which leads to a third event and suddenly you become aware that “pure magic” is unfolding  before your very eyes in your life!!

And all you had to do was trust!

Once, many years ago I felt the spirit urge me to go to a specific church whilst I was in Canberra. I had already learnt to trust but

I still sat timidly in the back row on the aisle (the only seat available)

The guest speaker strode up and down the aisle sharing her talk.

Reaching the back row her eyes suddenly focused on me and she quietly said to me “Do you have your written papers with you?”

I was actually carrying my most recent “Mordechai Messages” with me.  I was totally confused by her question as I had never met or heard of the lady before. Neverthless I felt a wave of relief envelop me and I gingerly replied “Yes”.

“I have been waiting for you! See me afterwards” she commanded.

I was totally perplexed.

Later, over coffee she wished to simply hold the closed folder containing  the Mordechai Messages for confirmation.

She then explained that she had travelled overseas some years earlier to receive spiritual healing from a special group of indigenous elders for a cancer deemed terminal by western medicine.

On her return she was totally healed.

Asking how much money she owed she was told “None. But a man will appear before you one day with writings on paper and you must help him. That is your payment”.

Years had gone by.

And then I turned up in a church where she was giving a talk.

And she became one of the very first people to ever see or read the

Messages I receive from Spirit.

And she poured her help out.

All I had to do was trust.

And follow Spirit’s urgings……

Peace be within you.