Jean Houston, the famous human potential movement “guru” tells the story of when she was very young getting the opportunity to meet the great Albert Einstein at his house on the Princeton University campus.

A classmate asked him: “How can we get to be as smart as you?”

He said “Read fairy tales,” which made no sense to Jean at all.

Another child cheekily asked: “Mr. Einstein, how can we get to be even smarter than you?”

He quickly replied “Read more fairy tales!”

Obviously, a man of his intelligence wasn’t suggesting children should waste their time or their intellect… what did he mean?

He never said – but here’s four suggestions of my own ….

They’re ideal both for children and the child within each of us!

1.   Trust the wisdom of the ages……

Fables, fairy tales, heroic stories from all the religions and epochs of the past have rich veins of truth to impart.

We just have to deeply understand them.

And then, most importantly, allow their truths to guide us.

Four million new books are published each year…. But almost no new information comes to light.

The old truths are simply regurgitated in different ways.

So maybe instead of constantly looking for new answers to old problems we should simply be using the answers we have already received.

Magic happens when we use the wisdom we know – not just know it!

2.   Stay as children……

We are ALL children.

Still. Always. I have no idea what an “adult” even looks like….

We were born as children.

We die as children.

In between times we act like children in our most joyous moments – cry like children in our saddest moments – recoil like children in our scariest moments – and throw tantrums just like children in our most frustrating moments.

And all the while we pretend we are something else.

That ‘something else’ is responsible for most of the ugliness and craziness of the societies we create.

Magic happens when we embrace our truth – and be as children!

3.    Be the focus of your own attention…..

The old proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” sums up so many of us today.

We work, eat, drink, sleep, work, eat, drink, sleep, work, eat, drink, sleep…..struggle, worry, ponder, panic, struggle, worry, ponder, panic…

We numb our awareness with drugs and alcohol and revive it with coffee and chocolate….then numb it again…then revive it again…..

We focus on everyone’s life other than our own…..facebook…tiktok… instagram….…youtube….whatsapp….messenger….snapchat…. facebook……tiktok….instagram…….youtube…..

The truth is that many of us avoid facing and owning our own values and greatness as it might cause us to go within and take responsibility.

Magic happens when we go within – and face our own miracle!

4.   Let your imagination guide you forward……

Your imagination is your image-in-action.

Your image is your reflection of the Divine within.

When that reflection, that image springs into action Magic happens!

And when that Magic happens we become contributors to a world of peace, love, co-operation, civility, care, kindness and compassion.

Then we greatly improve society automatically and we foster the creation of a planet peopled by divine beings who uphold and support the creative development of loving life.

Can you imagine the life we are all able to share simply by waking up from our nightmare and embracing our inner imagination?


The world already existing within our Imagination awaits us!!!!

We just need to embrace it.

Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!


Peace be within you.