I believe that……

Planet Earth and human society exist within the Garden of Eden.

But we have forgotten it…..and we often view life as a planetary obstacle course.

That’s because almost all political, economic, monetary, medical, business, educational and social systems are fabricated to manipulate and control our thoughts and our actions.

Our attitudes toward work, food, money, religion, history, culture, the arts, leisure, the environment, nature, housing, family and the very meaning and purpose of life are all carefully contrived and maintained by a few for their own selfish ends.

Truth doesn’t get a mention.

Maintaining ‘dumbed-down’ societies remains paramount.

This system of subjugation of entire populations cleverly promotes (at any cost and by any means) a false (and minimising) perception of the possibilities of life for the people they thus control.

People become commodities to be traded, used, bled, organised, controlled, ignored.

And this goes for the US, Europe, Australia, Russia, China, Asia and Africa, etc.

Recent Australian politics and economics is a perfect example from ‘sports rorts’ to banking rorts to child abuse rorts….the system blithely rolls on without hardly anyone facing court.

As Joh Bjelke Peterson famously retorted “Don’t you worry about that….”….

Let me give a current example……Coronavirus.

Let me first acknowledge that all viruses can damage and do sometimes kill.

That said….

The influenza incidence rate in China in 2018 was approximately 55 out of 100,000 people.

That figure equates to 550 per million or 825,000 for the Chinese population – annually.

Coronavirus, a new variation of an always-existing virus, thus far has affected 87,000 people in China.

Less than 11% of the normal everyday number affected by a flu virus.

Death happens sometimes when the flu turns to pneumonia.

This particularly affects the aged and those with other serious conditions, like pulmonary heart disease, kidney disease or liver issues.

Chinese literature estimates that each year in China there are 2.5 million patients with pneumonia and that 125,000 (5%) of these patients die of pneumonia-related illness.

(About a third of pneumonia cases are caused by viruses, more are caused by bacteria).

Coronavirus, thus far, has killed 2,900 people in China. Most of them aged and ill.

So Coronavirus thus far is partly responsible for around just 2.5% of the normal, everyday number that die from pneumonia.

(The World Health Organisation even admits that your chance of dying even if you get the virus is just 2.5% if you’re under 60 years of age….and then it’s only that high if you have an existing seriously disabling condition).

This is an epidemic of FEAR.

Around 80,000 people get pneumonia from the flu in Australia each year.

Around 2,000- 4,000 (mainly aged and infirm) people die.

In the USA around 60,000 (mainly older) people die from pneumonia annually.

Do you hear any hysteria about that??

See any doctors fully suited in aged care facilities as if there was an alien invasion??


Why Not??????

It’s not part of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ strategy…..

The old and young are just told to get a ‘flu shot’ each year as a precaution because the virus changes.

Yep. Welcome to another virus adaptation.

But, Coronavirus, as it comes from China let’s get manic about it.

Close down the world.

Infer panic buying will cause empty shelves and product run-outs.

Vaccinate everyone.

Wear masks.

Emphasise share market volatility.

Let the media scream that the sky is falling in……

Suit up.

Prepare for Armageddon.

This is a strategy of fear, Organised, orchestrated fear.

This keeps the masses under the thumb.

Going along with what their leaders say….towing the line.

Doing what you’re told, regardless of whether it’s sensible, wise, appropriate, humane….or just plain dumb and damaging to others.

The ultimate answer is to find the Power Within and to embrace it and make it the Source of our behaviour and our beliefs.

Only then will we find effective responses to this barrage of lies, manipulation and control which pervades so many aspects of society today – and makes life less than the loving, invigorating, inclusive experience it was always meant to be……

Many blessings,