Do you understand a hologram?

It’s an optical storage system (somewhat like film) in which every tiny part of an image contains (in condensed form) the entire original image.

So if you took a holographic image of a tree and then cut out a teeny weeny piece of just one itsy bitsy little leaf from one tiny little branch – and then enlarged it back to the size of the original image……amazingly, an image of the entire tree would be staring back at you.

Speaking both scientifically and spiritually…… the part is in the whole – and the whole is in each part.

Neurosurgeons have discovered that the brain,  yours and mine – both in memory and  tasks –– function In a similar way.

Our brains interpret frequencies – thoughts of every kind and emotions of every shade as well as sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste – and from all these frequencies construct what seems to us to be a concrete reality.

Yet there’s nothing concrete or solid whatsoever in the universe!

That’s right…..there’s no ‘things’…..anywhere!!

All is simply organised energy as scientists have now discovered.

Physical matter is simply energy which we sense as “things”.

Physicists now agree that there is both an explicate reality of seemingly separate material “things” and an implicate realm of undivided wholeness.

They view the entire Universe as a gigantic hologram with each planetary body part of the whole – and the whole being in each planetary body.

Science is starting to sound so very spiritual……

In metaphysical terms, there is unity in diversity…as well as diversity in unity.

Or, in Les-speak, there is God-in you and You in God.

Bringing that down-to-earth to keep it simple……

This Connectivity of Energy is, in ordinary and everyday language, our very direct and unbreakable relationship with the Divine.

In “us” is the unfathomable entirety of the Divine; in the Divine is the irreducible entirety of “us”.

Take a moment to take that in.

Just as a leaf is part of a tree but also includes within its ‘being’ the entire tree…… are you part of the Divine and actually include within your ‘being’ the entirety of the God-Light. The entirety.

It’s the reason some people are clairvoyant or clairsentient,  others are intuitive, others can help the sick to heal, still others can share their experience of transcendence, a few others are authentic spiritual teachers – and vast numbers express their God-Light through innumerable acts of love, kindness, charity, care and inclusiveness.

Each of us – in our own way – experience  the Godhead that exists within us, as us….

And when we do so, life takes on a sense of the magic  and the mystery.

Life lifts up to its highest potential of that moment.

It doesn’t matter how you do it. There’s lots of ways.

But just do it – that’s all that matters!!!


Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!


Peace be within you.