Two  articles back I suggested that WE are the active ingredient that swings our personal pendulum one way or other toward success or failure.

I said that TRUST above all else in one’s real self, one’s ‘Inner Self’ is the best remedy for all the ills that beset us.

But how do we actually achieve that when past issues are holding us back?

The answer is quite simple, really……we don’t need to detach from the past!

Instead we need to detach from our feelings about the past.

It isn’t the events of the past, per se – but our feelings about those events – which hold us back.

We most easily detach from these negative and hurting feelings by replacing them with just as valid but more constructive and more positive feelings.

For example, my Mum died when I was just a baby (sad)……alternately my mum stayed alive long enough to hold and love me (happy)!!

Or… Dad had no time for me as a small child (dejected)…..alternately my Dad did his best to ensure I was always safe (appreciative).

Or even ……my parent was an alcoholic and abusive (angry)…alternately my poor parent felt overwhelmed by life (compassionate).

(These are just examples).

Some might feel this shift of emphasis is “letting others off the hook”.

But the truth is it actually lets US off the hook of staying attached to negative feelings that stop us feeling good about ourselves and our life.

Very often we can’t legitimately change the story of our life – but we can always change our feelings about that story.

And when we do so, we overcome the prison of our negativity and can more easily and more fully embrace a richer appreciation of our life and all it has to offer.


Much love,