To stay more awake, simply stay more observant.

Allow the centre of yourself to change from exclusively being the Doer to also being the Observer of the Doer and your doings.

So often we undertake chores and activities and only later remember what we did. Many find they can drive from place to place and arrive unaware of the trip they’ve undertaken. Some find they can make love or make the evening meal and, at the same time, be a thousand miles away… Others find they can wash the dishes or wash the car and be totally unaware of their actions in that moment.

The skill is to always be the Observer.

Does this curtail your natural exuberance and spontaneity? Not at all for even as you learn to be the Observer you also allow yourself to flow as the Doer.

When the presence of the Observer and the Doer are equally acknowledged then your actions arise out of a synthesis of the objective and the subjective, the yin and the yang, the potential and the actual, the Light of the World and the world of light.

You become the Watching Wakefulness.

To be this Observer is to stay awake. Practice makes it so.

Here’s a simple 4-part process:

1. Firstly, repetitively enquire of yourself – what am I observing now? This will enable you to access awareness of your momentary state of being. This remembering (re-member-ing) is the process by which you regain possession of the greater wholeness of Self.

2. Then, be aware of your observations. Place all your attention and interest on your observations: what are you doing right now? How? Why? How are you feeling about this? Why? Where? What are your thoughts about it? Why? How are you now responding….?

The greater the depth and extent of your questions, the greater will become your self-knowledge. It is Self-knowledge which will lead you to self-realisation.

3. Thirdly, habitually ask yourself – Who is being the Observing? This will enable you to more deeply access more extensive aspects of your True Self.

4. Finally, stay focussed as the Observer on the observations for as long as you can whilst continuing to also be the Doer. With practice you will find you can retain clear focus for extended periods of awareness.

You will then ultimately master the art of Watching Wakefulness.

An Affirmation: I choose to remember Who I am and to celebrate my Light by shining it as the Doer even as I observe its brightness!

More in a fortnight! 

Blessings and Love,


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