You overcome your anger by finding your love.

The moment you access that love – it always lives deep within you, no matter how you feel or what you do – your anger disappears. Try it and see this truth for yourself – you cannot be filled with anger and love at the same time, it’s impossible. Anger is the gateway to hell, love is the gateway to heaven.

Of course, in the moment that your anger shows itself all you can see is anger. Your whole being seems to be red and violent. Yet, even at such a moment, deep within is a clear pool of perfect calm, perfect harmony, perfect acceptance – called love.

In that moment, anger may be your master. But if you will wait just a moment you will find an opening appears in your awareness – a gap appears in your anger. This is a decisive moment: you can fill that space with renewed rage that you instantly create especially for that purpose- or you can choose to fill that space with the peace of God, love.

The choice of what to do in that gap is yours.

You either choose to repeat a broken, damaged, destructive, nasty, out-of-control habit that automatically causes hurt to your outer self and others – or you choose to allow the angelic spiritual being that you’ve always actually been to express itself, thus helping to heal both your outer self and others.

Many people believe they cannot allow their anger to subside, it’s as if they would be letting their ‘side’ down. Yet, this is often only because they believe that anger is a necessary part of life….. for them, it was always part of their experience since early childhood. They cannot imagine life without it. As adults, instead of witnessing or experiencing it at the hands of others they develop the skills to inflict it on themselves and often those they love. They continue the senseless cycle, established by past generations.

Firstly, realise the source of most anger – the habits and behaviours you experienced in childhood. Secondly, acknowledge the senselessness of continuing to accommodate it. Thirdly, agree to act differently next time it appears – creatively and lovingly. Fourthly, affirm to yourself that you are a spiritual being of love and are choosing to take control of your body, habits, feelings and emotions. If it helps, admit to yourself that, yes, you are having a somewhat confusing physical existence….!

Then, when anger next shows its irritated, annoyed or violent face watch for the gap. Wait patiently, doing nothing to damage your self or others in the meantime. The moment the gap appears, flood it with love.

Notice how angry a part of you will become at being robbed of its power, but take no notice. This is just ego and habit. Take control and stay focused on the healing task at hand. Pour your true self, your love, into that space and you’ll soon find it’s a boundless chasm that leads to infinite joy, peace and wholeness. And in the moment you do so you’ll realise you’ve overcome your anger – by finding and owning your love.

From that moment on, all you have to do is to repeat this liberating exercise until there’s no space within you for the illusion that is anger to exist. It was never real. It was just a bad habit all along.

An Affirmation: I see my anger diminishing more and more each day until it disappears altogether and is replaced with love and compassion.

More in a fortnight!

Blessings and Love,




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  • irrational behaviour /past-life/past-generation blockages healing
  • trauma/stress healing
  • belief re-structuring
  • psychic surgery as part of everyday practice
  • psychotherapeutic client support
  • support for the dying
  • channelling and spiritual partnership
  • emotional clearing (EFT technique)

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