In life we often do things “because it’s the right thing to do”.

Or because we think karma will reward us.

Or because it’s the law. Or because society says so.

In ancient times, religious leaders laid down ‘commandments’ – rules by which they insisted people live.

But I believe that many of us have matured since then.

Instead of living according to other people’s rules we need to start living according to what is, for each of us, the honourable way.

This means coming from a place of Honour.

So I’d like to share with you – over 10 short messages – what I honour.

I hope it helps you to develop your own list of Honourings by which you can happily and joyously live.

The first is to honour “the God Within”….

This means to honour the very core of who we are.

In effect it means to get real.

Ignore the ego.

Ignore your wants and needs, even your challenges and problems.

Honour your core. That part of you which is eternal and infinite.

That part of you which has always existed – and always will.

If we honour that, above all else, we’re on the right track.

Of course to honour it we need to know it.

So we need to go deeply within.

We need to go so deep we go past all our hurts, all our insecurities,

All our fears and pain…….until we find that beingness which just IS.

To honour the God Within,

within which is the Kingdom of Heaven,

really means to express Spirit, through us, as us.

It means we experience whatever comes along from a place of Oneness.

It’s really the only way for you and I to move forward.

So this week practice going deeply within.

And then Honour what you find by expressing it in your everyday life.