Honourings 9

This week I want to share with you a vital honouring: The Silent Voice Within.

This is critical because this Voice is undoubtedly the answer to all our prayers!

In 2019 Australian cancer specialists anticipate over 140,000 new cases will be diagnosed in this country alone. You possibly know one or more of them.

That’s a huge number of people who suddenly find their life sickeningly turned upside down and inside out.

It’s inappropriate and unacceptable to suggest “This is for your highest good” or “It must be God’s plan” or (even worse) “You must have done something wrong”.

Too many of us believe that if we are “spiritual” and do “good” things and believe in God/the Divine Presence and follow some spiritual teachings we will get on in life….. get a good job…..make money…..be happy….avoid sickness…..enjoy a great family…..die effortlessly in old age.

In other words, receive lots of rewards for following “the true Path”

Some of us even become disgruntled and upset when we see an “unworthy” person win the lottery or gain some windfall…..

We equate spirituality with gain, ease, health, wealth and extra benefits.

But this is not so.

The reward we gain is to understand that we are life and love, now and always.

And life is random.

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place of serenity, sometimes in a war zone.

Sometimes in a state of prosperity, sometimes in a state of poverty.

Sometimes in a state of health, other times in a state of ill-health.

Sometimes we find ourselves alive here and now, at another time we all pass on…..

Neither option is necessarily dependent on our good or bad behaviour.

Life is random.

A famous New York rabbi lost his child to illness some years ago. He wrote of his anguish and claimed that God might be all-loving but he wasn’t all-powerful otherwise he would have saved his boy’s life.

My answer was that he truly IS all-powerful because the boy still lived (albeit in a different space and reality).

There was somewhat of a randomness about his child’s illness.

The professor at a US Divinity School taught “the study of the prosperity gospel, a creed that sees fortune as a blessing from God and misfortune as a mark of God’s disapproval.”

Then she found she had cancer herself – and was naturally devastated.

She felt that somehow she had disappointed God and this was her punishment.

But it wasn’t. It never was. The Divine isn’t vengeful.

Now she recognises the power of randomness.

“Randomness happens. Sometimes it’s just bad luck. Sometimes, a tragic story will have a happy ending, but it’s not guaranteed”.

Some who strike “bad luck” respond with “God’s a fake” or “Spirit’s garbage”.

Some turn their back on society and decide it’s “every man for themselves”.

This is why it is so important to honour that Silent Voice we hear Within.

It reminds us of who and what we really are.

It guides us through life’s challenges, obstacles and trials.

It befriends us in those moments of turmoil, distress and panic.

It leads us back to the Divine.

All we have to do is listen.

Please keep and share with those in need.

Many blessings,




Thanks to everyone who sent in a saying or teaching that has  inspired them.
Here’s four of the best…….


Rosalie  wrote:

What comes to mind looking out over the ocean…….
” I’m reminded that the rough and the calm come from the same source.

Both will come and go regardless of my despair or attachment”

Kristine sent in her favourite quote:

“Life is only three days long,

You get two for free

The day you were born

And the day you die

The Third day is today

That’s all we know

Nothing else  is certain”


Mary wrote:

“Life is beautiful when you want it to be.”

This was my realisation that when I’m feeling angry and hurt, I focus on everything that is wrong with the world, the violence, the poverty, the greed.

But when I’m feeling happy, I focus on everything that is beautiful, the beaches, the mountains, the love, the human connections.


Jane’s contribution is:

“What are you willing to give up to have love present in your life?”


Robert has advised me of a most beautiful song to brighten one’s morning:

It’s called “Morning Prayer: I will surrender” sung by Karen Drucker

Well worth downloading!!


Blessings and Namaste,