Honourings 5

This week I encourage you to honour Diversity.

This means to live with respect for the planet including all its animals and all its peoples.

This translates into becoming a trustee for the earth and all its life-forms.

For most people on the planet, this is a wild and radical concept!!

Business simply treats the environment as something to turn into cash.

Examples are endless including uranium, coal, fish, animals, water, forests, plants……

Government treats people as profit-creating units of variable productivity.

These include taxable units, military units, consumer units, birthing units, trade units……

And most individuals treat most animals as entertainment, food or income.

As an example, the US alone consumes 82 billion chicken eggs every year!

The world eats around 60 billion chickens a year, too.

And over 900 million cows are slaughtered for food each year…..

This  is a model that simply cannot be maintained:

Ultimately, and soon, it will cause the collapse of life as we know it.

Until the 1800’s there was less than a billion people across the entire world.

Now the figure is around 8 billion people – and it’s rapidly rising at the staggering figure of over a billion extra people making Planet Earth home every decade.

Air pollution is already a threat to life for a third of the world’s population.

Plastic waste is already a huge threat to both fish and the ocean.

Soil degradation and forest destruction are already major threats both to animal diversity and the agriculture required to feed a rapidly expanding human population.

Without change, it is doubtful that humanity will survive more than another hundred years.

With such a probable scenario it becomes critical than we change our attitudes.

We have no choice but to respect diversity,

To respect the earth, the soil, the rivers and oceans.

To respect everything of the natural world that lives in them and on them.

To respect the air and everything of the natural world that lives in it, too.

To respect the land, the forests, the plains, the plants and everything that lives in them.

To respect the places of Man: the cities, the communities, the nationalities, the cultures,

the beliefs, the races, the genders and everyone who shares our unique place on this planet.

A respectful attitude is no longer an optional extra.

It is a vital requirement for continued species survival.

When harnessed to respect for the Spirit Within it can transmute  into a force that can return Earth to its place as the Garden of Eden; and its people back to Holistic Life, nurtured through conscious and aware connection to their Eternal Divine.

We stand on the brink: Mass Spirituality or Mass Suicide?

It is the choice we all have to make.

For humanity’s sake let’s all choose wisely!

12 suggestions  to start your own ball rolling…….

1.      Consider a vegetarian or vegan  diet at least 4 days a week

2.      Join a Permaculture Group

3.      Strictly recycle your own household waste

4.      Join WWF or similar animal rescue/survival organizations

5.      Actively join community groups protecting the environment

6.       Donate to humanitarian causes

7.      Collect rubbish from beaches, streets and the bush

8.      Encourage your local elected members to think far more ecologically

9.      Buy only sustainable, natural products, wherever possible.

10.  Go solar.

11.  Deepen your knowledge of others’ needs, customs & cultures

12.   Consciously tread more lightly with reverence upon Mother Earth

Our future is in our own hands.