Honourings 4

This week I remind you to honour the Path of Eternal Progress.

This means to live with total trust in the Universe.

And this means to realize that everything happens safely….as is meant..

This can be difficult, especially in those moments when the world seems to be crashing down around our heads…..and we seem to be spinning out of control.

It might seem madness to simply say “Oh well, thankfully everything will turn out for the best…so I’ve just got to ride it through….”

Indeed, often it would seem that things turn out for the worst.

Yet, this Honour Principle assures us that even when the worst seems to be upon us we are still totally safe and everything is happening safely.

Yes, even when we die, we are safe,

Even in the Bible, Jesus demonstrated that we were safe.

He told the thieves who were executed with him that by nightfall they would be safe with him “in heaven”.

That must be so comforting for Christians with a few peccadilloes!

Yet, he went further: he went with three disciples and chatted with Moses and Elijah. It was reported that Peter even saw them – even ‘though Moses had been “dead” for around 1500 years and Elijah over 800 years!

Jesus told me (many years ago) “Elijah was still Elijah. His soul (the permanently developing part of him) had also progressed further through other lifetimes (one as John the Baptist). Both men (Elijah and John) remained quite individual in their own right whilst still being intricately linked to one another.

Naturally, later incarnations benefit from earlier experiences……”.

These days people regularly report seeing or hearing or feeling the presence of those once close to them who have ‘departed”.

That’s because life is always alive.

We have been here before – and before and before…….

So, ultimately, we are always safe!!

When we honour our eternal progress we lay fear aside and live our life fully,

We enthusiastically grasp the opportunities and adventures that life presents.

We challenge ourselves.

We stretch ourselves.

We go the extra mile – and do so eagerly!