Honourings 3

This week I urge you to genuinely honour the immortality of your soul.

In a recent letter to a friend I wrote:

“I believe that if we each remain courteous, focussed on our truths, truly loving and generous of spirit we will have played our part in the evolution of consciousness…….”.

The heart of that remark requires that we rise above our ego, above many of our seeming needs and often selfish desires and even bypass those behaviours we seem to effortlessly use in order to get our “own” way.

Our supposedly “own way” is too often really our ego’s-way….. whereas in reality, our true “own way” is really our soul’s-way.

And it is in sincerely honouring our soul that we allow ourselves to embrace its needs and its desires.

By such means, by honouring that higher, richer, eternal and only truly vital core of ourselves – our soul – do we move into coherence with the Divine Plan.

In one of my books The Master Jesus says: “For an ordinary person to rise above their own pettiness – to harness their body to their soul,  to find their spiritual wings and own them – and to make that divine partnership of body and soul their life – takes effort. Real, spiritual effort!

And that was my purpose, that was my message, that we could all do so.

That was meant to be my message to the world……”

I don’t believe Jesus ever wanted to be worshipped like an ‘Almighty God’.

He certainly didn’t behave toward his followers or friends or neighbours in such a manner, as shown in the Bible.

He treated all people as equals – with one small difference.

He said he knew who he really was – and that he recognized that others didn’t have a clue who or what they really were..

So he encouraged others – by word and deed – to go within and to honour what they found.

He said that the ‘kingdom of God’ was within.

So this week practice functioning in partnership with your soul.

Put your own ego needs aside and do what your soul wants to do!

Step out of your comfort zone and practice being the awesome Being you truly are!.

Watch the Universe respond to and support your new approach to Life…..

And enjoy working hand-in-hand, body-with-spirit.

Now, that’s true empowerment!!