Honourings 2

Last article I suggested that we need to honour the “God Within” ourselves.

This week I am suggesting we also honour the “God within” everyone else.

In my book “The Return Of The Master” I write “How extraordinarily beautiful would be this world if only Man would follow this rule. This is the Path of Tolerance. It is the path deeply hidden under the weeds of centuries of neglect. Even when Man has been able to find the Truth within himself he has rarely been able to transcend his insularity and recognize the same wonder and specialness in others. Yet, this is the process that leads, ultimately, to enlightenment. To recognize in all other beings the same song of the Divine.

And not just to recognize it, but to sing its song…..”

This requires a level of tolerance that goes way beyond just tolerating someone.

It means to recognize and honour the other person – each and every other person, regardless of race, customs, gender or beliefs  –  as an equally valid and valuable living aspect of the Divine.

Yes this includes the mother-in-law.

Yes, this includes that differently skin coloured family living down the road.

Yes, this includes those people holding different beliefs.

No two people are alike at the surface level.

Yet, at the same time, no two people are in any way different at our deepest level of being.

Like the waves that arise out of the sea we seem to be individual in form – yet each quickly returns to the same ocean source and is reintegrated into the eternal Oneness which creates all of us.

Seeing, knowing, recognizing and treating all others in the same honourable way as we do the Divine which we find within ourselves brings us to a realization that the Oneness we seek rejoices in an inexhaustible and passionate creative expression of ‘beingness’,

This we see all around us as endless diversity, variety, change, innovation,

evolution, colour, movement and growth.

We are encouraged to treat life lovingly with the same creative vigour as does the Divine Presence/Universal Source/Godhead.

By such behaviour do we reflect our Higher Truth.

Instead of having a ‘them’ versus ‘us’ mentality we embrace all people and indeed all of life as simply other unique forms of living matter.

It’s important to also understand that we’re not asked to honour the ignorance that others may display toward society – any more than we are asked to honour our own ignorance – but rather the source and foundation of each and everyone’s being-ness.

So this week practice going deeply within.

And then Honour what you recognize as the source and core of every other living being and life-form – as best you can in each moment –  by expressing your love, acceptance and appreciation of it in whatever way suits the moment in your everyday life.