Last week Trudi and I were in the Cairns hinterland sharing with some forty
beautiful and caring fellow seekers.

One story I shared goes back almost forty years. I had made the decision to focus
my energy fully on spiritual matters. This included seminars, workshops, retreats,
spiritual church services, private channelling and private one-on-one sessions for
both spiritual guidance and clairvoyant insights.

Yet something held me back from fully focussing on this Work…… my Christian
upbringing suggested it was the devil……my business upbringing suggested it was
sheer laziness……and my social upbringing suggested it was fear of rebuttal.

Yet it was none of these: it was fear of forgiveness.

I was fearful of actually forgiving those who had I felt had hurt me; and whose
hurt I was hanging onto.

I was fearful of apologising to the many people I had pushed aside as I rode the
commercial ladder of Business.

I was fearful of apologising to the friends I had trampled in my haste to secure
my own square of safety.

And I was equally fearful of apologising to those I had privately condemned to a
place of diminished worth in my need to secure my own ego’s value.

The thought of forgiveness brought up fear of public ridicule, retaliation and
rejection – and these held me back for a long time.

Eventually I did it anyway.

I made a long list, re-wrote it in order of importance – and then (depending on the
importance of my apology) visited, phoned or wrote to everyone on it forgiving
and sincerely apologising.

Wow! Suddenly I felt empowered to move forward and to focus on what was
really important to me…….daily devotion to the Divine!

Holding on was very wrong!

Letting go let me flow!

In one of my books I wrote……


Who would you be if you stopped holding on…….?

Blessings and hugs,