I suggested a short time ago that you “hold onto your fork” because “the best was yet to come…..”.

But I also suggest that you hold onto your knife…..

I am reminded of the young girl who was busy painting a picture.

Her teacher asked her “What are you painting?”

She answered without hesitation “A picture of God”.

“But nobody knows what God looks like….” smiled the teacher.

“They will when I’ve finished!” replied the young child.

Everything takes time.

Painting pictures, growing up, learning skills, creating gardens, writing books, birthing babies, earning money, making friends, letting go of hurts, finding oneself, owning our truths, connecting consciously within……

It all takes time.

That time, that gap, is vital.

It’s never empty but rather full of movement and activity.

Rather like the water that starts way out at sea as one thing but gathers momentum as it rushes toward the shore and creates another thing….a wave.

Or the blank piece of paper and pen that together letter by letter, word by word, turns into a wonderful poem…..

Or the sound which magically appears out of thin air, note by note, as the composer creates a wondrous musical melody……

Or the chef who step by step, ingredient by ingredient, slowly reveals a majestic smorgasbord of tastes…..

The gaps – the in-betweens – are the critical bridges between thought and action, feelings and process, ideas and creation.

And in those gaps – if we will but focus on them – we can find much fulfilment and happiness if we go looking for it.

That’s why I suggest you hold onto your knife, as well.

Because to make the most of that gap, that movement toward a new state of being, we must remove our blockages.

We need a knife to cut them out.

What will we cut out?

The petty cries of the ego….our selfishness, our anger, our hurts, our fears, our impatience, our intolerance, our ignorance, etc

And what kind of knife do we need?

Obviously, one that cuts deeply.

And that’s a knife of Intention.

We need to want to disassociate from all of our own negativity.

Now, you may say that’s a tough call: and it is.

You may feel it’s too big a task for you to do this week: and it is.

But remember…..the gap!

You just have to start the ball rolling by recognising your personal negative characteristics……

And then staying focussed on changing…..

Then, over time – in each of the gaps –  things will change and change and change and change and change and change until…….

…………the change is complete……..

Just maybe, like that young child, you’ll create a beautiful picture of yourself……. to show what God looks like!

Be well, be safe – be happy!

Peace be within you.