I am reminded of the young lady who had terminal cancer.

Elizabeth wanted to carefully script and plan her final farewell.

Flowers, prayers, songs, speakers – she arranged the entire thing, well in advance.

She requested that she have an open casket at the funeral.

And – surprising the organizer – she asked that a dinner fork be placed in her right hand.

“Why a dinner fork?” asked the shocked organizer.

“You’ll all find out” she mysteriously replied.

The sad day eventually arrived.

And all was arranged as per her request.

The flowers, the prayers, the speakers, the songs – and the open casket in which she serenely lay……holding a fork in her right hand.

Everyone commented on how beautiful Elizabeth looked.

And everyone was totally puzzled and whispered to one another “what’s with the fork?”

Then a dear friend stood up and explained how Elizabeth had loved to attend social evenings and arranged dinners….and when the dinner plates were being cleared away from the tables someone would always remind the group to ‘keep your fork!’.

That was because the best was yet to come – the ice-cream and chocolate cake or fresh cream and apple pie….

Forest Gump told us that “life was like a box of chocolates”.

But maybe life is more like an arranged dinner party.

First comes the entrée.

That’s when as children we taste life.

And then comes the Main Meal.

That’s when as adults we get our teeth into whatever we do in life.

But remember to “keep your fork!”.

The best is yet to come.

And it comes at the end of the meal…..when we pass over.

Right now, this planet is in turmoil.

Between earthquakes and on-going wars over 40 countries are deeply hurting and in chaos….from Turkey and Syria to Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Millions are passing over……

And many of us are also hurting due to personal tragedies.

At such times it’s important that we remember, just like Elizabeth, that for every one of us…….the best is yet to come!

Now….how are you enjoying your dinner?

Remember to “keep your fork!”………the best is yet to come!


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