Understanding #6- There is no separate ‘me’

There is no separate ‘me’

There is only God ““ God being ‘me’, God being ‘you’.

(If you don’t like the word “God” replace it with Immortal Life, Infinite
Love, Spirit, Divine Presence, the Eternal Light, All That Is, The ‘I Am’ or
one of the Eternal Light, All That Is, The ‘I Am’ or one of the thousand
other terms used for attempting to express the inexpressible).

Acknowledging such a truth even intellectually can be very difficult ““ many
of us struggle to overcome pre-programming that says we’re just sinners and
to think otherwise we’re told is the height of ego-ism.

But this nonsense is flawed: being better than another is ego-ism ““ being
God-in-flow (the same as everyone and everything else) is actually real-ism.

Achieving this mental understanding is an awesome breakthrough from the
nonsense that keeps us in victim-hood ““ but regrettably it’s not enough.

Knowing this truth, for most of us, greatly improves but still doesn’t
transform our lives.

That’s because knowing a thing in our head achieves little ““ unless we make
it Master of our Heart!

Yet how can we truly ‘own’ such a belief in our heart? How can we be sure we
aren’t suffering from some serious delusion?

Sixty years ago Ernest Holmes wrote: “Our external world is not external at
all; it is all internal but contained within a Cosmic Mind to which each one
of us has a kinship so intimate that each may consider it personal to

What Ernest is saying is that my relationship to God is the only thing that

And that relationship is so personal that, for me, it means my relationship
to me.

Now what does that mean?

If there is no separate ‘me’ it means my relationship to you…and you…and
you. So who/what do I mean when I say “my”?

The more I explore ““ experientially ““ God-as-Les, the more I will understand
who/what I AM and who/what I am not.

Only through experience will the truth be revealed to me.

Only through awareness and focus will I remember to seek experience.

And only through mental acceptance will I be able to anchor my focus in

Hence, the immense value of regular meditation, contemplation, affirmation
and group association.

These spiritual tools help us to strengthen our resolve to shuck off all
delusion and to stand fearless and sure in the Truth that will undeniably
transform life for us the moment we truly allow ourselves to BE.

Try this exercise for one week: Consciously treat everyone as if they were
an equal but separate aspect of the God-head, desiring ““ deep within ““
(maybe in spite of their perceived behaviour) to find and express their

Do it as if you were precisely the same.

Do it for the next week and experience un-mistakable truth and love.

Love and blessings.