Last article I spoke about how there’s no escape from yourself.

There’s only change. Change from  a hurting, limited ‘Human Doing’ – into a
richer, happier and more fulfilled ‘Human Being’. And the only way to
achieve that is to embrace the Divine Within.

When you do then you find miracles often happen!

Like the time a lady was flown up by her church in Canberra with a large
tumour in her chest and a prognosis of just 14 days to live. Several months
later she complained to me that she had walked to the shops a different way
and it had taken an extra hour!

Or the lady from Newcastle who was told she was about to die terribly of a
brain tumour that wracked her with pain day and night. Spirit gave her the
ability to fly to Italy, her birthplace, for six months to spend time with
her family before she returned for her eventual passing……..

Or the lady who was told she’d never have a baby…..who recently sent us a
great photo of a beautiful child, now over a year old……

Or the couple who were about to break up their relationship and family who
suddenly saw one another in a different light and are now rich and abundant
in family love……

Or the man who had a bad foot and couldn’t walk without crutches and an
orthopedic shoe who soon took up running and exercise…….

Or the person who visited Heartland intent on suicide who now enjoys a rich,
abundant, professional life.

Or the lady who had suffered beyond description at the hands of pedophiles
who now enjoys a beautiful family life……

The records of Heartland are rich and deep with hundreds of such memories;
yet usually we never mention these things because none of them are truly
miracles in themselves.

The miracle is that people found the truth within – and then chose to
embrace it.

We simply helped them.

What kind of miracle are you looking for?

As a person wrote just last week (21st August):

“I arrived at Heartland a shell of a person and left feeling whole

With just seven retreats left before we close the gates of Heartland, we’d
like to help as many people as we can to find their own miracle.

Maybe you?

Maybe a relative or friend?

Boundless Love


Why not take this special opportunity to deeply embrace the ‘Divine Within’
by attending one of our amazing 5-day residential retreats at Heartland ?

Spend time, personally, with me in meditation, chant, spiritual discussions,
spiritual illuminations, healings, self-empowerment, spirit connection and
enlightenment. Allow Spirit to embrace you more fully than ever before!
Allow your Heart to sing and your Soul to dance!  Allow yourself to change
and become more fully realized in the Light. Allow your own miracles to

(Just SEVEN more retreats before we close the gates of Heartland forever!)