In my spare time I am writing three more books.

You might well ask “why three?” – and my answer is “because I expect to finish them”.

Expectation, real expectation, is faith.

Finishing the books is not my goal (one volume has taken three years thus far!).

Rather, it is my vision.

It is a vision based on my expectation – my faith – that I will finish them.

For many people in our topsy-turvy world, faith is someone’s else’s understanding that we take at face value: it’s not our understanding at all, at least not until we agree to believe what we’ve been told to believe. This borrowed faith can however become a strong guide through life for us.

Its drawback is that it is always second hand – and is always subject to change or outright rejection should another more attractive belief/faith be presented to us.

Being subject to constant challenge, we can often wander aimlessly from one faith to another, never quite sure what we really believe in.

Real faith is never second-hand.

It arises deep within oneself as a knowing.

Yet, it is a knowing which exists outside of any sense-based discovery.

Such knowings arise from the Soul, the True Mind of the individual – and propel us forward to even greater discoveries within.

When I first wish to embark on unknown journeys I may be well served by asking directions of others who have already journeyed afar – but ultimately, with practice and growing confidence, I must choose to go where no-one else can ever go – within myself.

And this I must do by myself.

That which I find I can truly have Faith in for it is my very true Self.

Belief is replaced with Knowing, and Wishing is replaced with Expectation.

Faith is never an empty vessel – but a cup overflowing with real values and substance.

In the moment we recognise it we recognise our true Self and our True Worth.

The trinkets of physical existence become quite meaningless to us; and we rest content, peaceful, happy and joyous in our Truth.

We are the Love.

We are the Peace.

We are the Oneness that was, is and always will be.

Have Faith – you’ll find it to be so if you go within.

But whatever you do – don’t take my word for it!!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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