HAPPY NEW YEAR……..sometime this year!

Many blessings to you for a happy new Year!
Of course, if you’re in Vietnam, Korea or China you’ll have to wait until until around February 16th to celebrate.
Mongolians will wait a tad longer……February 26th.
For Iranians, the new Year arrives March 20th.
In most of India (and for all Hindus) the new year will be welcomed March 28th.
Assyrians (not to be fooled) keep to April 1st.
Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Cambodia all run riot for two to three days April 13th /14th onward…..
Israel and most Jews will celebrate the new Year on September 10th; and the Muslims will celebrate a day later on September 11th or thereabouts, depending on the full moon.

In Ethiopia they enjoy 13 months in the year.
Whilst it will be 2018 in Canberra, London, Berlin and New York, it will be the Year 4716 in China, 107 in Korea, 30 in Japan and 1939 in most of India.
In Iran it will be the Year 1396, in Thailand 2561, in Pakistan 1439, in Ethiopia 2011 and in Israel the Year 5778.

In Heartland it will be the year we offer just one 5-day retreat a month (just 2 rooms still available for January 8th-12th) and the year I start offering weekend programs in towns and cities across the country (and New Zealand).
Stanthorpe starts the ball rolling 17th/18th February followed by Warwick a week later.
It will be the Year I really ask for your help – if you’d like to arrange a weekend workshop in your own home-town please send me an email!
It will also be the year most of my articles will arrive as very short (under 2 minute) videos – this will save you having to read them.
I hope you’ll help me spread these Messages.

For many, the New Year is seen as a day to start afresh……
Might I suggest the two best days of our life are the day we were conceived – and the day we remember why we were conceived!!
Happy New Year!
Let’s make this one the Year We wake up and Remember who we are!!
Happy Celebrations!
Blessings and hugs,