Dearest Friends,

Now that Santa has returned to the North Pole we can all focus on the next big bash.

This is the New Year….

Where I come from this happens every day.

Every day, every hour, in fact every moment, is considered another brand new moment in which we can unfold into our True Selves and really get to appreciate the extraordinary wonder and gift which is Life.

We don’t have to wait for a calendar event.

But that’s me……and on this planet I’m weird.

That said, have you ever stopped to register amazement that this planet even has souls acting like people on it?

Let me explain…..

All the good folk living at the Equator and sitting totally still are actually spinning around at 1670 kilometres an hour!

That’s because the Earth fully rotates once every 24 hours, of course.

At the south pole they’re only travelling at 1300 km/h

And yet no-one ever falls off!!

The Earth is also moving around the sun.

That takes a year, of course because the Sun is 150 million km away.

So it has to travel at 107,000 km every hour just to keep up with the calendar.

And it doesn’t even blow us over!

The sun is just one star (out of around several hundred billion) that make up our galaxy, the Milky Way. (Our nearest star neighbour is just 40,000 billion km away!).

And our star, and its planets, (our solar system) are also circling around our galaxy….. and take around 225 million years to do one circuit, spinning like a large pin-wheel at around 70,000km/h.

And we don’t feel any wobbles at all!

At the same time our entire Milky Way galaxy is also spinning – at a breath-taking 792,000 km/h – and travelling outward toward other galaxies (in the direction of Leo/Virgo) at a mind-boggling 2.1 million kilometres an hour!!!

I guess we have to hurry because we already know there’s at least 200 billion other galaxies in the universe to visit……

Meanwhile we sit on the grass and let the wind ruffle our hair (if we have any)…. and think of the year ahead……and how to embrace this wondrous and mind- boggling gift called LIFE!!!!!!

So, with that understanding…… Happy New Year to one and all!


Les & Trudi