How happy are you right now?
How happy have you been today?
Psychologists estimate that only 20% of people are happy more than they are sad or angry or unfulfilled or disappointed.
80% don’t seem to achieve enough good experiences to make life significantly delightful.
And a whopping 25% – one quarter of all people – see no reason at all to be happy.

This lack of happiness is a tragedy that leads to ill health, anxiety, stress, pain, disinterest and the creation of a world that‘s full of lack, loss, bad luck and disappointments all round for its creators.
This deeply unhappy world does exist – but it’s not a natural phenomena: it’s a personal universe that’s significantly brought about by our personal (and negative) responses to our experiences, our circumstances and our opportunities.

That said, what can we do about it?
The emphasis here is ‘DO’ about it…….
You see, happiness can be created.
It can be developed within us.
The techniques to achieve it can be learned.
And that’s what I will share with you over the next 22 articles:
22 practices that will ensure you are much more happy MOST of the time……

But there’s a ‘But…..”.
And that is but you can’t achieve it just by reading about how to achieve it.
You have to DO the exercises, learn apply new habits and practice new routines.

No-one will be happy all the time when we finish: that’s unnatural.
But I can assure you of much more Happiness if you read my words –
and then follow through with the exercises I suggest for you!

Exercise Number 1: Please estimate – each day over the next week – how much of the time you are happy with your life – and how much of the time you are unhappy/dissatisfied.

Then we’ll start the change!!
Blessings and hugs,