Last week I spoke about STEP ONE – not comparing oneself with anyone else.

Justine from Sydney wrote: “Hey Les, I loved Step 1, I could really relate to this piece.

A task last year brought out my self-doubt and issues of self-worth. I can honestly say my comparing myself to other people robbed me of my power and spirit, and my connection to my own soul was lessened.

As usual when life throws me the big ones, I retreated into my heart and read and talked about love until I felt it radiant within. Spirit wouldn’t have given me the task, if I was not capable of it. I had to raise my spirit to the task and have faith that spirit would provide everything I needed and spirit did. The White Lotus Sanctuary (in western Sydney) was born…..”

This spiritual Sanctuary now offers spiritual services every week – and came into existence after Justine stopped comparing herself and her abilities against other people. What can you achieve by doing likewise?

Lizzy from Darwin said “Nice one Les, thanks! There’s a real simple exercise in the Avatar ReSurfacing workshop … “Deliberately smile until you feel happy”!! I often teach this one to the school kids I teach as a relief teacher – all ages from pre-school to year 12 – they love it! It’s so easy to be happy, it’s just a decision hey…..”

Lizzy lives by Harry Palmer’s famous saying “every moment that you are happy is a gift to rest of the world”.

The SECOND STEP to help us achieve a natural state of happiness is TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE SEEKING.

This is most easily discovered by understanding what happiness isn’t.

It’s not excitement.

It’s not a thrill.

It’s not even joy or bliss (although it may express itself as these).

It’s connection to reality.

When we are in tune with reality, we’re happy.

When we’re in tune with reality we’re really in harmony with what’s real.

We’ve dropped – at least for the moment – the false, the illusory and all the delusions that create our society.

Did you grasp that? We become happy when we DROP the distortions and dysfunctions which create the madness that spins itself into a tight web we call our society.

This web traps us with its lure of happiness.

But this web is just a dream that’s grown so all-encompassing it’s turned into a nightmare.

When trapped we believe the dream – that money will make us happy, that great sex will make us happy, that power will make us happy, that drugs will make us happy, that the right conditions will make us happy, that any other person is able to make us happy.

And because none of this has the ability to make us happy we suffer life year after year, life after life in the nightmare.

We commit to the nightmare.

We trust it.

We hope that violent war will lead to peace; that ugly greed will lead to fulfilment; that deadly chemicals will lead to health, that constant thinking will lead to action, and that a great physique will lead to love.

None of them do.

So we remain, as a race, unhappy.

The answer is as plain as day: happiness is being real.

It has almost nothing to do with our physical condition, our economic state, our religious convictions, our work status or our politics.

And it has nothing at all to do with anyone else on this planet – alive or dead.

We become happy the moment we drop the ego, the nonsense, the lies, the hierarchies, the madnesses, the dogmas, the political creeds, the fashion trends, the supposed health practices – and everything else – that tie us hand and foot to this chaotic rat race we ought to acknowledge as a seriously deluded lunatic asylum, called Planet Earth (once also known as the Garden of Eden, incidentally).

This is what we are seeking.

I send you boundless love!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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