Two articles ago I spoke about the first step – how happiness can start to happen when we stop comparing ourself with anyone else.

Last article I spoke about how happiness is being truly real and seeing through the insanity of “normal” life.

That when we are in tune with reality, we’re happy because we move into harmony with what’s real.

We DROP the distortions and dysfunctions which create the madness that spins itself into a mesmerising nightmare we call our society.

We still exist in society; but we’re no longer mentally trapped and emotionally crippled by its madness.

This week I want to share how reality and happiness is truly ordinary.

I am reminded of that great Aussie Jessica Watson, just 16 years old, who sailed solo and unassisted around the world. On her return last weekend she said “I am completely ordinary. That’s the thing. I just put a lot of effort in, had a great team around me and I think that goes to show you don’t have to be anyone special to achieve something big. You just have to want it.”

The same goes for happiness.

We just have to truly and deeply WANT it.

And be totally committed and willing to put the effort in.

Happiness is completely ordinary and can be achieved by completely ordinary
people, like you and I.

We just have to become AWARE!

When the great Sufi poet, Jalal-ud-Din Rumi became aware he wrote:

What I tell about ‘me’ I tell about you

The walls between us long ago burned down

This voice seizing me is your voice

Burning to speak to us of us.

We need to be burning with the fire of desire ourselves to find and BE ourselves.

To find and speak and share and delight in our happiness.

Awareness is the key.

And this requires that we be ordinary – not somehow above others, or superior, or better, or more spiritual.

But simply aware.Aware that we are spirit having a physical existence.

Aware that we are love.

Aware that we are harmony.

Aware that peace can never come by going to war.

Aware that safety can never come by building bigger fences.

Aware that health can never come in a pill or a bottle or a needle.

Aware that happiness can never come if it means we have to get things or keep things (or people or places or titles or tasks or even our hopes and dreams)

Aware that equality and fairness can never come by selfishness and greed.

Aware that no-one needs the answers; only a burning desire to be aware.

Awareness leads us back to reality.

Being in reality brings us happiness. Real happiness.

Such happiness is so complete it requires no conditions, demands, objectives, outcomes or circumstances.

It is complete in itself.

This is what we seek.

The state of real ordinariness.

This week, look at all your friends, relatives, family, business associates through FRESH eyes. Just look at them.

Not as someone who wants something from them.

But as someone who is simply looking at them.

Don’t tag them with pre-made descriptions; don’t assign them any kind of personality.

Just look at them deeply.

Be aware.

And let me know how your perspective on them – and yourself -changes just by being objectively aware.

I send you boundless love!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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