Are you happy?

Anthony De Mello, the late and famous Catholic priest from India, once said that noone was happy.

He said that no-one even wanted to be happy – they liked being sad, hurt, disillusioned and angry.

I’m not quite as pessimistic as Anthony – I believe happiness is possible on this planet.

It first requires that we stop comparing ourself with others.

Stop comparing ourselves in a superior way – or in an inferior way.

Stop making comparisons, the purpose of which is to confirm our pre-determined perceptions (good or bad) of ourself.

Stop seeing ourself as better than her; but not as good as him.

Or better-looking than that one – but way below par when compared with that one.

Or a better ‘catch’ than ‘x’; but not as good as ‘y’.

Happiness requires that we dance – because we stop determining that we can’t after having seen what others can do on TV.

It requires that we sing – regardless of whether we ever make it onto a talent show. That we paint – even if people won’t pay us to.

That we write stories or poems – just for the fun and pleasure of it.

That we do things simply because in our own way (and in our own style) we can.

Not because it necessarily passes muster on anyone else’s parade.

When we stop the comparison game, we’re no longer dumber or brighter; no longer less or more; no longer concerned to be richer or luckier; no longer needing to achieve higher levels or leave the playing field.

We’re okay to be us.

Just as we are.

No score-boards.

It’s about simply observing everyone as if they were extra-ordinary life-forms going about finding out that they’re extra-ordinary life-forms. Which they are.

And doing so without having to compare.

Such living surely takes us on the first step toward happiness.

Is it easy?

Depends on whether you think it is!

It is if you think it is!

Try it this week – stop comparing yourself against your work colleagues, your friends, other family members or your partner.

How do you feel?

I send you boundless love!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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