Three articles ago I spoke about the first step to happiness – stop comparing ourself with anyone else.

The following article I spoke about how happiness is being truly real and seeing through the insanity of “normal” life.

We DROP the distortions and dysfunctions which create the madness that spins itself into a mesmerising nightmare we call our society.

We still exist in society; but we’re no longer mentally trapped and emotionally crippled by its madness.

In the last article I shared how reality and happiness are truly ordinary – and that awareness – and only awareness – leads to this natural state of being.

This week I’d like to share one of those prime awarenesses that most certainly lead to real happiness.

It’s found in the famous Buddhist mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum…..

Om – This is the Sanskrit word used in ancient India for God. Actually it means “every thing” as everything is, of course, an aspect of the Divine. When we awaken to this understanding we realise that ultimately everything and everyone is One. Such an understanding, fully comprehended, leads to instant bliss! Everyone is our brother and sister and ourself! Jesus himself spoke most aptly when he exclaimed “I and my Father are One!”

However, duality exists in all realms for all is in a state of separation for the purpose of experience. That goes for the spirit realms as well as the recognizably-dimensional earthen realms. Understanding this we seek for a way to access the Divine (and our true happiness!) within this realm of duality. Jesus, again, said it so aptly when he remarked “The father is in me; and I in him”.

This access we achieve through our Heart. Love is not only the expression of the Divine within our duality – but, in a sense, is that Divinity itself. So when we express Love we are really expressing the God-light. Jesus well understood this when he said “….the Father told me what I should say and what I should speak”. When we live from within our Heart our lives are full and rich with love; and happiness walks easily hand in hand with us.

This Divine Love, when accessed allows us to experience True Wisdom. This isn’t everyday understanding as Jesus noted when he said “If I bear witness of myself my witness is not true”. In other words, the illusion of Self isn’t the real thing. Those things that are real, however – reality itself – can only be accessed through True Wisdom; and this, say all the sages, comes only through the Heart and never through the head.

Just as Wisdom flows through Love, so Truth flows through Wisdom. Truth for most of us is simply what we believe in the moment. And yet Universal Truths also exist – often far different from our own limited perspectives! To access these Truths we must first access Wisdom. “I seek not my own will but the Will of the Father who sent me” said Jesus. We couldn’t do much better than to seek similarly ourselves, surely!

For in those truths lies the very soul of the happiness we seek!

Seeking within Truth – within ourselves – we find the Divine. Jesus shared this with the world when he stated “He that has seen me has seen the Father”! Wow! One could almost imagine he had been chanting Buddha’s ancient mantra!

Om Mani Padme Hum in the centre of Love which is called your Heart lies Wisdom which is called the Lotus flower in the centre of which lies Truth which is called the Gem of Inestimable Value in the centre of which is the Boundless Vibration-less Nothingness – the pure and infinite potential of all universes…..called God!

When we become truly aware and conscious of this quite simple reality then Happiness springs from our being with great joyousness in celebration that we are aware. Aware above all else that we simply ARE! No conditions. No demands. No hells. No false heavens. Nothing we have to do. Nowhere we have to go. Nothing we have to achieve. Just to BE. To be LOVE. Always were. And always will be. How good is that! How happy does that make you?

I send you boundless love and happiness!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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