Ultimately, Happiness arises from within oneself the moment one surrenders to Divine Guidance.

After we’ve thought all our thoughts, planned all our plans, plotted all our plots, dreamed all our dreams and manipulated everyone and everything we realize we ultimately have control over nothing outside our Self.

We cannot control our life, our death or anything physical in-between for more than a moment in time.

In fact, at a physical level we realize we are ourselves significantly controlled – at least at a physical level – by the sheer weight of influences that bear down on us unrelentingly from everyone and everywhere all the time.

Only within our Self do we find refuge.

And only within the True within our Self do we find anything of meaningful value, worth and substance: for then we find the Divine.

True Happiness is the state of returned Self to Soul, of life lived as the Divine Dance it was always meant to be.

It cannot be lived in Ultimate One-ness for ultimate One-ness negates duality: we simply cease to be.

Our duality, this separation of a kind from the Divine is a purposeful and creative act by the Divine to express its blissfulness. Only through objective experience can bliss be experienced.

Thus, our duality is a wholesome aspect of the Play of Existence: we are meant to move to the divine Dance of Life.

Yet how to know how to move?

What steps to take?

Whom to have as partner?

Divine Guidance shows us.

Such Guidance is the very dance of life itself.

“Allow me to be your partner” says God. “Let me lead you. Simply follow me”.

God and I then dance together – and happiness is the rhythm of life to which we dance!

“Come, take another partner, now!” says God. “Just remember every step that I have Taught you”.

And thus I dance with you and you and you and you…..and recognize the guidance for my rhythm!

“Come, join us in the dance!” we say to God, ecstatically.

“My pleasure!” is God’s sweet reply.

Thus God and You and I dance for eternity.

God, You, And I – Dance!

Maybe it was best said by the Turkish Sufi mystic Rumi around 1250AD:

I watch you dancing in all my actions
Without using my eyes, I spy you at play

– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

When he died twenty years later, he was still blissed out with happiness.

I send you boundless love and indubitable happiness!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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