Happiness! PART 9

Before Easter I suggested that spending never fills the gaping hole in our life……but
relationships do.

This week we’ll go deeper still and consider the role of GRATITUDE in our lives.
Gratitude is that magical ingredient which brings peace and joyousness to our otherwise frenetic lives….
With gratitude as our focus and compass-point we can effortlessly steer ourselves into the calm, deep waters of rich and happy fulfillment.

By being thankful for the richness of our life’s experiences we benefit in a thousand different ways.
Physically we have a stronger immune system, a healthier cardiac system, an improved microbiome (in the gut), an increased vitality and great sleep.
Emotionally, we have greater mood control, less stress, less anxiety, more satisfaction.
Socially, we find it easier to relate to others and our pleasure centres sparkle and shine.
Intellectually, we competently steer ourselves through toils and troubles, free of much negative influence.
Spiritually, we easily find the gift in each moment; and delight more fully in them.

Gratitude colours and covers every aspect of our life.
It is – in itself – an intrinsic Way Of Life.
When we truly embrace it, we really embrace an essential approach to life that has the ability to deliver abundant health and boundless happiness.

Gratitude, in the form of thankfulness and appreciation for almost everything we experience, offers us a unique way to interact with the world: we no longer fight for our place and struggle against what seems like planetary unfairness but instead express thankfulness for the rich opportunities which are spread before us.

Challenge become our Endowment.
Troubles become our Opportunities.
The Divine Presence no longer wields ‘karma’ like a weapon but rather as a Gift.
We no longer treat Life as an obstacles but as a honour.

This week, start/restart a Gratitude Journal.
Take the time once a day to draw a picture or take a photo.
Paste it on the left hand page.
Write a few words of gratitude and wonder about it on the right hand page.
Repeat each day for 60 days.
Read each one before adding the day’s contribution.

Watch your life sparkle with more enthusiasm day by day!