Happiness – PART 8

Last article I encouraged you to choose a couple of areas where you no longer thrill to that aspect of life you once yearned for and finally achieved……and find a way to see them more positively.

This week we’re going to dig a tad deeper…….and ask ourselves the question:
“How much do I need to be satisfied?”

The average Aussie has $4200 in credit card debt.
The average household debt across all levels of Australian society stands at $170,000.
The average mortgage debt of those aged 35- 41 stands at $550,000 (2017).
The average family back in 2012 spent $70,000 a year on “household goods”.
Maybe the national anthem should be “We ain’t got no sat-is-faction!”……

We have become a race of spenders.
Yet all that spending quite obviously fails to satisfy and bring us happiness (figures show that over one million Aussie adults have depression at any one time – and two million suffer from serious anxiety at any one time).
So ”more” doesn’t equate with happiness.
And “debt” doesn’t equate with it either – in fact, debt significantly contributes to our unhappiness.

The answer is obvious to everyone: buy less ‘things” – and enjoy life more.
What can you do without?
What doesn’t need replacing yet?
What can you purchase in a less expensive model or less expensive way?
What can you do away with?
What are you hoarding unnecessarily?
What do you have you don’t need or won’t benefit from?
How can you cut costs – and find greater happiness?
How many shopping trips can you cull from your itinerary?

For everyone of us, the answers are different.
Lighter living involves different things for different people.
BUT the philosophy remains the same: spending never fills the gaping hole in our life……relationships do.

So this week, ask yourself:
“Whose presence do I need to spend more time enjoying?”
“Whose presence do I need to appreciate more?”
“Whose presence do I need to encourage?”
“Whose presence do I miss?”
“Whose presence can help me to heal?”
“Whose presence would help me be happier?”