Happiness – PART 7

Last week I shared with you a simple but life changing process:

This week, we’re going to look at what used to make us happy – but now seems just
another ordinary aspect of life…..
Do you remember the excitement of taking delivery of that new car……of finally going on that overseas holiday or cruise……of moving into your new home…….
maybe of starting up a new business……or  maybe getting that new job……or of ‘winning’ that special person into your life…….
We feel so much excitement and happiness when our desires finally come to fruition:
our wants are such a powerful motivator in our lives – and we achieve so much instant
pleasure when they are realized.
But, with time, the excitement, the happiness, diminishes.
The car becomes just a car, the holiday just a memory, the home just a house, the
business just a job, the job just a pay packet….. and that person………
Boredom starts to seep in and we start to seek for new opportunities, now toys, new
playthings, new challenges……

For some happiness comes from the desire for constant replacement and its fulfillment.
Yet, this is a path that ultimately fails to deliver: our appetite for change may not
wane but our ability to achieve it always does.
So we end up disillusioned.

The alternative is to renew your appreciation and find a way to give thanks for
what you already have.
For example, the car……Imagine not having one. Having to walk everywhere.
Allowing appreciation for the car to surface. Giving thanks by lovingly washing
and polishing it…….
Or the house……imagine not having one. Having to shelter from the weather as
best you can (like around 100 million people across the globe)…..allowing thanks
for the house you live in to surface. Giving thanks by lovingly painting the walls,
cleaning out the cupboards, weeding the garden…….
Or that person…….imagine if they were gone. Being alone. Allowing appreciation
for them in your life to surface. Giving thanks by treating them with respect and
love and courtesy and pleasure…….

This week, choose a couple of areas where you no longer thrill to that aspect of
life you once yearned for and finally achieved……and find a way to see them
more positively.
Then take remedial action to renew your appreciation of them in your life!