Happiness – PART 5

My Happiness Weekend coming up next weekend in STANTHORPE
(16th-18th Feb.)
Please invite your friends to share this special personal time with me!

Last week I asked you to swap your negative viewpoints for more positive viewpoints – and to plaster them around your home as constant reminders and affirmations.

This week, I suggest you talk to The Wise One within!
This ‘Wise One Within You’ is the fellow who so often and so wisely tells their friends “Hey, it’s not the end of the world!”
“Slow down! Heaven can wait!”
“Relax, it’s only a small scratch, easily fixed!”
“That’s not a problem – that’s an opportunity!!”
“Don’t let it/him/her/them get you down!”
“Hey, another door will open!”
“You’ll pick yourself up and do even better next time!”

This Wise One is superb at giving advice to friends and acquaintances – so why not let you give advice to yourself?
And why not follow it (the way you’d encourage your friends to)?

This is such a simple technique – and yet so very powerful!
Say to yourself what you’d say to others.
And then base your responses and actions on your own inner wisdom!
To do so will more quickly lift you out of negativity and heading in the direction of  happiness!!

This week, keep up the exercise from last week and also imagine you were giving advice to your dearest and closest friend in the entire world (you!)……
–          What would you say to help them?
–          How would you recommend they put it into practice?