Happiness – PART 4

Last week I asked you to create a one-page biography of the history of your life that is totally positive – or, at the least, neutral.

If you’ve been following these exercises you should already be starting to feel more empowered….and that’s the start of authentic happiness!

Now we’re ready to take a quantum leap……to be able to not only recognize alternate viewpoints – but to take practical steps to embrace them.

From last week’s one pager you’ll be aware that you have “created” a different “opinion” about certain events that took place in the past……

This week, in the interests of our own happiness and fulfillment, we’re going to ‘let go’ of those hurtful, stress- causing old views……

Rather than spending time mulling over “should haves” and “could haves” and “didn’t gets” and “had-to put up withs” we are going to release our opportunity-limiting upsets and disappointments.

Because Nature doesn’t like a vacuum, we’re going to quickly fill those now-empty spaces with affirmations that support our new, healthier viewpoints and opinions.

Start by taking one sheet of paper.

List all the old viewpoints you’re willing to change (for your own health and happiness) on the left hand page.

Now list the new, more positive viewpoints on the opposite right hand page.

Take the most important one to change first……write it out (in black ink, quite small) on a separate piece of paper. Draw a thick black line through the words.

Now write down the new viewpoint five times bigger (with a brightly coloured pencil) on the same piece of paper.

Add  a friendly, happy cartoon face, if you’re able……

Pin it up where you’ll see it often (kitchen, bedroom, ensuite…..).

Next week, add another one…….

And then another the week after……until all you read around your home are bright, happy, colourful, positive affirmations……

Watch how they’ll work miracles for you!!!