Happiness! PART 19 (Final)

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This is the final article in my series on HAPPINESS.
Its message, like all the rest, is so very simple and yet requires effort as we still aren’t used to honouring ourselves as Infinite Life expressing Itself joyously through the always-changing medium we call human bodies!

The final principle or Law of Happiness is to make the most of this moment!
This has no caveat such as …..”as long as we have enough”…….or “as long as we’re healthy enough”…….or “when we’re rich”……..or “when we get out of hospital”…….or “when the divorce comes through”…….or even “when he gets sent to prison”.

It is quite simple: we make the most of this moment – even if our circumstances aren’t to our liking. We make the most of our relationships. We make the most of our work. We make the most of our housing. We make the most of our skills.
We make the most of our opportunities. We make the most of each day.

By doing so we find that happiness isn’t getting what we want but rather accepting and appreciating and making the most of what we get.

That’s what Helen Keller did.
That’s what Jesus and Buddha did.
That’s what Mahatma Gandhi did.
That’s what Ray Charles did.

And that goes for everything in life…….to make the most of each moment, even death.
As an example, when I die (No, I am NOT expecting to die shortly!) I have asked for there to be no funeral service.
Instead I would like anyone who might have wished to attend to donate their out-of-pocket cost of travelling or flowers to the Fred Hollows Foundation.
That way, my legacy will be to help to give sight to others, even in death.
For Trudi, my darling wife, I ask those who feel moved to send her a card of condolence at that time (again, no, I am not terminally ill)…….those cards she can read time and again across the passage of grief and thereby gain great solace from them.
And in return for the kindness of others I have asked Trudi to mail to each person who sends a card or lets her know of a donation to Fred’s work a small packet of my ash to be cast across some further corner of this living life-orb…….. how awesome to be spread across the world!!

In living – and eventually dying – it’s not what we get out of it….but what we put into it that determines our Happiness.
Selfishness may bring momentary gains.
Selflessness brings the Kingdom of God alive!

May you find Happiness in all you do – and may it
enrich you, in countless ways, all the days of your life!