Happiness! PART 17

We’re coming to the end of this series!
This week we’ll consider: “What’s really important to me?”
For many we know that seems to be their new car, their new dog or their new outdoor barbecue setting.
People will say those things “make me happy”.
But we also know that’s not real, lasting happiness: it’s just fulfillment of their latest impulsive whim.
The impulse will quickly move on to something else…..and then something else…and then something else.
None of those things will still be sending people into rapture in three months time.
Things age rapidly.
But experiences stay with us far longer….and continue to enrich our existence.

The time we bungy-jumped will still give us a ‘high’ two years later.
The memory of the time we went in that rally and wrote off the car will never fade!!
The excitement of climbing a mountain to watch the sun rise will stay with us forever.
The enjoyment of lingering with a love one in a secluded bay at sunset will still be with us in the afterlife!

The memory of events, experiences, actions, will stay with us a long, long time – and they will continue to bring a smile to our face and a slightly more rapid beat to our heart.

This week: what will you plan to DO which will excite you now and later?
What experience are you preparing to undertake that will fill your entire being with magical memories?
What is your vision for yourself that ‘lights your fire’ and enflames your heart?
And what are you doing – right now, this month – to help bring it to fruition?

When our purpose is clear and our passion is strong then our happiness is rich and rewarding!