Happiness! PART 16

Happiness is more than just feeling good – it’s also about feeling valued!
We need to feel that our lives are worthwhile.
There needs to be meaning to what we do – and how we do it.
And we really need to feel good about our place in society; and view ourselves as playing a positive role within our culture in the 21st century.
Put simply, we need to have both purpose and passion!

So what’s your purpose?
Why did you visit this planet at this time?
What contribution did you come to make?
And how are you going with it?
What activities are you currently undertaking to advance your purpose?
This last question is pivotal: what are you doing right now to support your purpose?

The clearer we are about our purpose – the particular skill, aptitude or attitude that we bring to our society – the easier it becomes to express it and live it – and thereby find much happiness.

We don’t need to have a grandiose plan. It could be to simply bring up our children in a healthy family, pursue an honest and fulfilling career, volunteer where it’s most needed, write a book of uplifting poems, learn a special skill that supports others, create a garden that brings pleasure to others, put into practice a disciplined self-love program, mentor others in skills we’ve already learnt, or spend more time within the Divine Presence, listening and honouring……

The important thing is that we have a purpose – and we live it passionately!
If you’ve found yours, then you’ll know you feel happier the more passionately you live it.
If you haven’t found it, look harder!
It must be there, somewhere, waiting for you to discover it!!
(In the meantime, make one up! Passionately live it as if it were your own! You’ll soon discover it always was!).

Enjoy the Happiness that flows from doing what you were always meant to be doing!