Happiness! PART 13

Hopefully your happiness is e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g week by week as you follow these simple tips to bring much greater Happiness into your life!
We’re close to the end of this series…..I hope it’s helping you enjoy Happiness!

This week I recommend that you focus on all those special moments that bring you delight and pleasure!

In every life that are many moments that enchant and please us – but often we simply enjoy them…..and then get right back into the depths of negativity.
Because the negativity fails to satisfy it remains ‘unfinished business” within our psyche – so we remain hooked into it and almost hypnotically focussed upon it.
Most of our many “good times” become gently forgotten whilst the “bad times” tenaciously hold onto their grip at centre-stage.
So we focus on them.

The answer is to gently change our focus.
And the easiest way to do this is to make a habit of remembering “the good times”.
This is simply done by journaling.
Every evening take five minutes to remember beautiful moments that you experienced that day – and journal the experience in a special APPRECIATION JOURNAL.
Keep the details brief but try to capture the magic of each moment.
Don’t worry if you’re duplicating them.

Take the time to read three or four prior pages each evening you sit down to write.
Make a habit of carrying a small pack of ‘post-it’ stickers so you can jot down any magic moments as they arise during the day.
Then copy them over to the journal that evening.
For a month, do it daily.
The second month, every second day.
The third month, every third day.

Become aware how you often have many magic moments every day!
Also become aware of how, through this exercise,  your general focus gently moves from the negative to the positive!
Happiness comes out every day to greet you – and with this exercise we come to appreciate and recognize it more and more!

Best wishes and much Happiness!