Happiness! PART 12

This week I want to propose that you schedule happiness into your busy itinerary!
Happiness can not only be learnt – but it can be further enhanced by making time for it on a regular basis.
Most of us have such busy lives that this doesn’t always happen automatically – so these days the busy ones amongst us might have to schedule it in!

To do so, simply:
–          Make a note of the Top 10 events that bring you happiness.
–          Detail the days/time that you would like to activate each of them
–          Schedule each in as a “MUST DO” priority.

These “events” may include such things as:
–          being with a particular person or people
–          visiting various friends
–          taking part in a particular sport
–          enjoying a hobby or something that interests you
–          undertaking a pastime that delights you
–          studying something that fascinates you

Enjoy each Happiness!