Happiness! PART 11

Last week we looked at how to best start the day and how to best finish it. The core of that process is really to establish a close and intimate relationship with The Divine Presence, the very core of your Being.

This week I’d like to suggest you take control of your intentions.
In other words, envision yourself becoming happier.

We cannot stop negativity impacting on our lives – these days it’s all around us!
But we can choose to focus on the positives – and to pro-actively create them.
This is especially achievable if we acknowledge that there is a greater power than our Ego existing within us: the Divine Presence.

This Divine Presence (call it what you wish: Spirit, Light, Nature, Love, God, The Almighty) can override our ego (and its ‘poor me’/not-good-enough programming) and give us the strength to take intentional control.
By doing so we overcome any negativity that might otherwise drown us in its misery.

This requires us to:
–          Recognise alternate/happy outcomes as, equally, our birthright; and
–          Acknowledge these happier outcomes as our preferred choice; and
–          Choose to base our behaviour and responses exclusively on them.

Joanna, a loyal Heartlander, recently wrote to me:
“My happiness was sorely tested today……
I had a person argue with me over something and then end it with a personal insult or three because it was the only way for her to get on top of other people.. I got tense and then I smiled, left the ‘conversation’ and then I felt it. I said out loud ‘I choose happiness’. A great feeling of relaxation and joy swept through me. I followed that with ‘I am responsible for my own happiness’. I was smiling widely at this thought. Then I said ‘I will not allow other people to steal my happiness, nor infect me with their
unhappiness’. I felt great and relaxed and no longer tense. I got rid of the source of ‘unhappiness’ that was trying to drag me in. I raised my arms and laughed, saying ‘YES!’. My dog wanted to get in on things and leapt all over me giving me a big, joyful doggy hug.”

This week, I ask you to deeply enquire: “Do I really want to be happier than I am?”
If the answer is no, ask yourself “ Why not?”
If the answer is yes, ask yourself “Am I willing to commit to a deeper connection to that Presence within me – and to follow its urgings and positive inclinations?”