Happiness! PART 10

Last week I suggested you create and maintain a Gratitude Book for 60 days.
How that will change you!!

This week we’ll look at two basics for fostering Happiness…..
1.      START THE DAY the way you wish to live it.
Most people wake to an alarm…..and race through their day from that moment on.
This brings exhaustion – not happiness!
Instead, start your day by waking to a gentle chant (easily arranged with a Smart Phone)…….and then take a glass of Pure Water, drinking it slowly and mindfully.
Move to an area you have reserved as your Sacred Space. Sit with your back straight.
Light a candle and some incense. Play soft meditative music. Silently voice a fresh new daily prayer of thanks. Then allow 10 minutes of Mindfulness, simply focusing (with appreciation) on your breath).

2.      FINISH THE DAY the way you wish to thank it.
Most people finish their day by crawling into bed as if it’s the end of a marathon.
Which it often is!
Instead, end your day in much the same way as you started it. Give thanks in your Evening Prayer for the events of the day (positive or otherwise).

By these two simple rituals will you establish a close and intimate relationship with The Divine Presence.
This Presence is the very core of your Being.
It is also the only Source of all true Happiness.
Your connection will deeply enhance that Happiness!