Quite a number of correspondents have shared the grief they are currently experiencing, both at a personal and communal level.

Here’s an example:
“I’m finding, on a daily basis, a sense of hopelessness for the future in myself….and I’m already on anti-depressants!
Still I walk around with a smile on my face and try to spread the joy, as I find others look totally glum….”

Here’s another:
“I feel the world is falling apart and I’m going down with it”.

This is an awful feeling to have – and sadly most of us can recognise some aspects of it in ourselves……

If you don’t there’s no need to read further!

But if you do, here’s a suggestion…..

In order to relate to a thing you have to have feelings.

To have feelings (of any kind) you have to go within.

To have positive feelings you have to connect to your Inner Light, your True Self, your own Divine Presence when you go within.

The greater your connection, the greater the outcome, the positive and loving responses you’ll experience.

To have negative feelings (like guilt, intolerance, anger, selfishness, etc) you have to connect to your ego when you go within.

The ego has its own set of (very unreasonable) reasons for its negative feelings.

These come only from the ego, the false Self.

So how do we deal with those feelings we get of grief and despair?

To resolve present life grief we have to connect to love.

Love converts the pain of grief (which is loss) to compassion (which is love).

The deeper we feel the grief (through love) the deeper we convert it to real compassion.

End of grief.

To resolve past-life grief, if known, we do the same.

To resolve past-life unknown grief is to come from love for ALL that has been part of our past lives.

This converts any grief into compassion…..

To resolve present life despair we have to connect deeply to Spirit.

By truly connecting to Spirit we convert the terrible pain of despair (which is hopelessness) to compassion and trust (which is comfort).

The deeper we feel the despair (through a deep Spirit-connection) the deeper we convert it to trust.

This trust in a higher meaning (understood or hidden) and genuine recognition of infinite existence ends the terrible pain of despair by converting it once again into compassion.

In a nutshell, I believe that we resolve the grief and despair of this existence by going within and celebrating our incredible connection as part of the Divine TO the Divine.

This is never simply an intellectual thought-process but rather a deeply heart-sourced feeling process in which you OWN the deeper truth of your own ‘being-ness’.

By such means you become a true beacon of Hope that in times of great turmoil may help guide others, ready for change, into the loving embrace of the Divine.

In that embrace, there is no grief or despair.


Peace be within you!



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