I think we can all agree that the world gets everybody a little ‘down’ at the moment…..let’s face it, it’s an insane asylum!

Politics, war, economics, medicine, industry, the environment – everything is up in the air and helter skelter.

Australian government debt is now over 1.5 trillion dollars.

Over 3 million Australians live below the poverty line.

Nearly 25% of Australians live with food-insecurity.

Many “first nation’s” people are still treated as third class hangers-on……

Mandates regarding vaccination status have destroyed social cohesion, jobs and tens of thousands of small companies.

Floods have devastated huge numbers of homes, businesses, properties, roads, rail and social amenities.

Many thousands of families have lost everything in these torrential downpours. Many thousands more still haven’t recovered from last year’s bushfires…….

Just as you probably squirmed at this short list of  some of the issues facing Australians, so do millions of everyday Aussies squirm at the trials and challenges of simply living and existing in this ‘lucky land’.

So what’s the answer?

Obviously, it requires wise and courageous leadership at a national level.

But it also requires that, at an individual level, we go INSIDE……

That’s because in such social and national chaos, the only quiet, peaceful and healing place is INSIDE.

INSIDE is sanity, peace, love and certainty that the madness ‘outside’ WILL pass.

‘Inside’ will give us the strength to deal with all the issues facing us.

‘Inside’ will give us the wisdom to move forward toward healing.

‘Inside’ will remind us that we ourselves are the answer to our problems.

‘Inside’ – in that stillness – we will know that all is NOT lost.

That a bright future still beckons us.

That we have the ability and vigour to repair and resolve every negativity.

That we have greatness.

And that we can only access that greatness by connecting deeply and consciously with our deepest recesses of ‘Inside’ and then taking that and using it to heal our ‘Outside’.

We’ve tried dealing with the ‘Outside’ outside.

It just hasn’t worked.

So now is the time for each of us to go seriously, with intent, ‘Inside’.

Our families, friends and nation deserve no less.



(My website https://inspirationalweekly.com/meditation-cds/ offers over 25 guided meditations to help anchor you ‘inside’.

They are available as cd’s or you can simply download them).

Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!


Peace be within you.